Progressing National SDGs Implementation is an independent analysis of the Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs) presented to the UN’s High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) each year. It is developed by a group of civil society organisations, including Cooperation Canada, working together to drive forward progress on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Now in its eighth edition, Progressing National SDGs Implementation aims to provide useful insights and recommendations on the VNR reports presented at the HLPF, in order to inform discussions on SDG delivery and help guide improved implementation and reporting on the 2030 Agenda.


2023 Key Insights


1.  Many countries continue to face entrenched challenges to civic participation, especially marginalized groups. Irrespective of political context, all countries and regions can do more to strengthen transparency, accountability, and inclusivity in their 2030 Agenda policy frameworks to ensure that diverse voices are heard and integrated into efforts to achieve the SDGs.

2. While acknowledging the importance of policy coherence for sustainable development, no country provides a comprehensive assessment of progress along all eight domains called for in the composite SDG indicator for policy coherence. With many countries highlighting the role of climate change action as a central connector across sectors and scales, this offers one potential entry point for policy coherence in SDG actions from national to the local level.

3. While some countries have made progress in collecting disaggregated data, no single country has a full picture of who is left behind or at greater risk of falling behind in SDG efforts. The bulk of reporting countries still need to substantially improve disaggregated data collection- including on gender, multidimensional poverty, domestic inequalities, and specific vulnerable or excluded groups such as persons with disabilities, Indigenous Peoples, migrants, ethnic minorities and diverse gender identities.


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