About Cooperation Canada

Since 1968, Cooperation Canada (formerly the Canadian Council for International Cooperation) has brought together civil society organizations working in the international development and humanitarian sector. We advocate for these groups by convening sector leaders, influencing policy and building capacity. Together, we work with partners both inside and outside Canada to build a world that’s fair, safe, and sustainable for all.

We collaborate with various organizations, governments, citizens, and community groups, but every interaction is defined by one promise: higher human capacity to apply creative solutions and meaningful action to the world’s most complex development challenges.


Focus on Cooperation

Our team are always learning and building expertise. They share insights, on-the-ground results, emerging research, and expertise with policy makers to ensure Canada’s international commitments are effective and meaningful.

We support our Working Groups and Communities of Practice, giving those who are passionate about solidarity, social justice, and human rights the space and connections they need to make a difference.

We strengthen the efficiency and impact of humanitarian aid workers around the world by helping them work together, elevating their ability to respond to those affected by disasters and emergencies.

Through cooperation, we’re connecting people, amplifying voices, and driving change for a bold and sustainable development agenda.

Our Vision & Mission

We aspire to a world where global poverty and inequality are eradicated, human rights are respected and protected, gender equality and women’s and girls’ empowerment are achieved, and climate action and environmental sustainability are realized – for all people everywhere.

Cooperation Canada is the national independent voice for international cooperation. As a coalition, we convene, coordinate and collaborate with Canadian civil society, and partners in Canada and around the globe, to inspire and implement policies and programs for a fairer, safer and more sustainable world.


We are stronger together