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Through a survey of 45 Canadian civil society organizations (CSOs) and key informant interviews, this study examined how CSO's have made progress towards addressing gender equality as a result of the development and launch of the Feminist International Assistance Policy in 2017. The survey examined operational investments that affected financial, technical and human resources in project implementation processes. Supported by CASID-CCIC Next Generation Program, l’Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale (AQOCI), MITACS and the University of Ottawa, this report provides recommendations for CSOs and Global Affairs Canada.
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CCIC partnered with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs to research how governments engage with diverse stakeholders to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The 2030 Agenda calls on governments to apply a whole-of-government and a whole-of-society approach to realizing the Sustainable Development Goals. Based on a review of country reporting to the High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development over 2016-2019, the study identified trends and country experiences with respect to multi-stakeholder engagement. The report showcases 10 lessons to inform inclusive and participatory approaches to 2030 Agenda implementation.
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CCIC partnered with Global Affairs Canada to understand how Canadian civil society organizations are engaging in triangular co-operation. Over late 2019 and early 2020, CCIC worked to raise awareness among Canadian CSOs about the new definition of triangular co-operation, identified and documented related civil society experiences and consulted Canadian CSOs on key enabling factors for engaging in effective triangular co-operation. The initiative culminated in a synthesis report of key findings and a set of 16 short, 2-3 page profiles for each project examined under the initiative.
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In May 2019, WaterAid Canada partnered with the Canadian Council for International Co-operation to convene a roundtable of health and WASH sector stakeholders within Canada’s development sector. The roundtable identified recommendations that will support more integrated approaches to health and WASH to realize sustainable development impact, notably for women and girls.
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It has been an amazing year for the Americas Policy Group (APG) and its members. As such, we are proud to present the APG 2018-2019 Annual Report highlighting the work of its 29 members. It includes the group’s main activities, list of members and financial report.
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It has been an amazing year for the Africa-Canada Forum and its members. As such, we are proud to present the ACF 2018-2019 Annual Report highlighting the work of its 42 members. It includes the group’s main activities, list of members and financial report.
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“Progressing National SDG Implementation” is the third in a regular series of reports commissioned by civil society. It documents and analyses the 46 English, French, Spanish and Arabic Voluntary National Review (VNR) reports submitted in 2018 to the UN’s High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF).
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Is the practice of innovation an essential way forward for international development and humanitarian organizations? How do we test out radical ideas when there is so much at stake? And what does 'innovation' actually mean?
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Have a look at CCIC’s Annual Report that covers our 50th anniversary celebrations and accomplishments!
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This online resource was developed by and for communicators involved in international development and humanitarian assistance organizations in Canada. Public Engagement officers and fundraisers will also find it useful.
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Partnerships in Practice - The Political Economy of Research Partnerships in International Development in Canada A Summary of Initial Observations from a Multiple-Case Study
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This manual was adapted from Integrating HRBA and Equitable Partnerships into Development Programming: Operationalizing the Istanbul Principles. It provides all the resources you need to run a workshop on integrating a human rights-based approach (HRBA) into your programming.
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The summary of the Civil Society Group of 7 (C7) meeting includes benchmarks to help foster a new productive and meaningful relationship between civil society and the G7.
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The North-American Observatorio project focuses on global commitments under Sustainable Development Goal 17. The present report builds on previous efforts under the Next Generation initiative to identify and compile the knowledge on collaborative partnerships in the Canadian context, asking whether similar trends can be seen across North America and whether differences between the institutional environments in Canada and the US affect the frequency and effectiveness of collaborative partnerships.
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Dear Minister: The Americas Policy Group (APG), a regional working group of the Canadian Council for International Co-operation, wishes to express its concerns regarding the ongoing acute human rights crisis in Honduras and the incarceration of political prisoners, amid a pattern identified by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights “of intimidation and reprisals targeting human rights defenders and members or sympathizers of the opposition parties in the aftermath of electoral protests”. 1 Those protests followed the November 26th presidential elections, marred by irregularities and allegations of fraud.