Working Groups and Communities of Practice

Cooperation Canada’s working groups and communities of practice (CoPs) are collaborative spaces where members work together and connect to share learnings, develop best practice and maximize collective influence, drawing on member diversity to attain joint objectives.

Our working groups and CoPs convene virtually on our Members Portal. If you are a member of a working group or CoP and have trouble signing in or have not yet created an account, please contact MP Boisvert, Senior Manager, Member and Stakeholder Relations, at [email protected].

About each group 

Africa-Canada Forum

Engage in dialogue with African counterparts and colleagues to improve the quality and impact of Canadian groups working in development coordination and social justice in sub-Saharan Africa.  


Asia-Pacific Working Group

Through collaborative reflection, policy analysis, dialogue and learning, help improve the impact of members that have a specific interest in development, social justice, and human rights in Asia.


CFO Working Group

Meet with other Chief Financial Officers to advance the interests of the international development and humanitarian sector as they relate to financial and administrative policies and practice. 


Youth Engagement Working Group

Share best practices, creative solutions and learnings around successes and failures and find out about great opportunities for partnerships and cooperation for youth engagement in the context of the international cooperation and humanitarian sector.  


Innovative Finance Working Group 

Identify new financing mechanisms and models through discussing innovative financing sources outside of government funders and explore how the sector can best leverage government finance to facilitate new and additional financial sources. 


Fundraising Working Group

Share and learn about great fundraising and professional development opportunities with other fundraising professionals within the international development and humanitarian sector. 


Emerging Leaders Network

Share your opinions and ideas and help shape the national development and humanitarian agenda alongside other young and promising professionals. 

To join or learn more, contact:  

MP Boisvert

Senior Manager, Member and Stakeholder Relations

at [email protected]