Partnering with Global Affairs Canada to Enhance Canada’s International Assistance 


As part of Cooperation Canada’s efforts to support an enabling environment for civil society in Canada and abroad and elevate the voice and influence of Cooperation Canada members, we regularly collaborate with Global Affairs Canada (GAC).  


This includes: 

  • Dialogue: Collaboration on an annual dialogue between GAC and civil society organizations (CSOs) as well as regular, thematic or region-specific dialogues. 
  • Consultation: Organization of and participation in formal and informal consultations for Cooperation Canada members and other international cooperation stakeholders.
  • Events: Collaboration on joint events and efforts to ensure GAC participation in sector events. 
  • Civil society representation in special initiatives: Participation, on the sector’s behalf, in ad hoctypically time bound GAC committees or advisory groups. Past and current examples include the Gender Equality Fund Advisory Committee (2018-19), COVID-19 Reflection Group (2020) and the Public Engagement Advisory Group (2020). 
  • Improving Canadian international assistance: Participation in institutional working groups dedicated to addressing civil society concerns related to funding agreements and processes, as well as implementation of Canada’s Policy for Civil Society Partnerships for International Assistance – A Feminist Approach. Cooperation Canada leverages its national membership to inform GAC decisions and processes through three key working groups: the Task Force for Increasing Effectiveness (TAFIE), Cooperation Canada Chief Financial Officer Working Group and Civil Society Policy Advisory Group (CPAG). Please consult the infosheet below to understand why these groups exist, who is involved, what they are doing and how Cooperation Canada members can participate. 


Please consult this info sheet

Canada’s Policy for Civil Society Partnerships for International Assistance – A Feminist Approach

Civil Society Policy Advisory Group (CPAG)

Task Force on Increasing Effectiveness (TAFIE)

Chief Financial Officer Working Group (CFO)