CCIC partnered with Global Affairs Canada to understand how Canadian civil society organizations are engaging in triangular co-operation. Over late 2019 and early 2020, CCIC worked to raise awareness among Canadian CSOs about the new definition of triangular co-operation, identified and documented related civil society experiences and consulted Canadian CSOs on key enabling factors for engaging in effective triangular co-operation. The initiative culminated in a synthesis report of key findings and a set of 16 short, 2-3 page profiles for each project examined under the initiative.” 


Equitable Partnerships through Triangular Co-operation Report  Full report 

Equitable Partnerships through Triangular Co-operation, English highlights | French highlights  

Profiles of examined projects available* – English profiles | French profiles  

*All profiles will be available in both English and French in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!” 

PowerPoint presentation

Recording – Webinar of March 23, 2020