Cooperation Canada builds on the organization’s policy acumen, intimate understanding of sector trends and challenges, as well as the vibrant community of its members to act as a conduit between the government and the civil society engaged in the international cooperation sector.  

We act as a convener of critical discussions and facilitate forward-looking and solutions-oriented consultations aimed at informing strategic, operational and normative directions of Canada’s international assistance. These consultations aim to ensure that Government priorities are informed by civil society agendas, that the sector engages in effective and coherent interventions and to support the transparency of agenda-setting discussions around international cooperation.   


Current Consultations


Feminist Foreign Policy  

Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP) promises a human-rights based approach recognizing the need for interventions that consider and address gender-based inequalities. To achieve FIAP objectives, all pillars of Canada’s foreign policy, including trade, diplomacy, peace and security, as well as international assistance, must be mutually reinforcing. Answering Minister Champagne’s call for submissions to inform a white paper on Canada’s first feminist foreign policy, Cooperation Canada produced a set of recommendations. Access it here.


 Past Consultations


Department of Finance Consultation on Official Development Assistance (2022)

Submission by Cooperation Canada


Department of Finance Consultation on Official Development Assistance (2020)  

  • Submission by Cooperation Canada, AidWatch Canada and Inter Pares 


Global Affairs Canada Consultations on Responsible Business Conduct Strategy for Canadian Companies Abroad 

  • Submission by the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability, which Cooperation Canada endorsed (2020) 


Global Affairs Canada Climate Finance Consultations (2020) 


Canada Revenue Agency’s Consultation on Charities’ Political Activities (2016) 


Feminist International Assistance Policy Consultations (2016)