Over 60 Canadian global development & humanitarian organizations are standing together to urge the Government of Canada to amend the Budget Implementation Act (BIA) so we can engage in more equitable partnerships with communities at the forefront of change in Canada and in the world.

Informed by several legal opinions, our view is that the BIA reinforces the colonial and paternalistic approach to the relationship between charities and the partner organizations supporting their charitable purposes. It makes the current regime more challenging for organizations to fulfill their charitable purpose by embedding a rigid and prescriptive approach to funding non-qualified donees inside and outside Canada in legislation. It makes the system more confusing, risky and challenging for registered charities and non-qualified donees to work together, and as such, impedes philanthropic and charitable resources flowing to communities that need them the most.

Read our open letter and connect with our Policy Lead, Carelle Mang-Benza, for more details.