The Canadian Council for International Cooperation, Canada’s national association of international development and humanitarian organizations, became Cooperation Canada today – complete with a new logo, look and feel and new website:


Beyond the aesthetic changes, the Cooperation Canada brand represents one part in the constant evolution of our work to build a better, fairer, and more sustainable world.  As humankind
faces once-in-a-generation challenges in responding to the profound impacts of the global COVID pandemic and worsening climate crisis, so is our society awakening to the critical need to further defend human rights, end systemic racism and realize equality for all.


As our world evolves around us, Cooperation Canada has an important role to play in working with sector organizations to set ambitious agendas for change during a time when systemic and pervasive inequalities are being brought to the fore, challenged, and disrupted. Cooperation Canada is committed to championing an inclusive future and will continue to work closely with its members to make this a reality.


In the weeks ahead, Cooperation Canada will relaunch its Code of Ethics and Operational Standards for international cooperation organizations – a set of guiding and ethical principles that Cooperation Canada and its member organizations adopt for their work – updated after a decade to reflect best practice.  Cooperation Canada is also working on sector-wide commitments to address systemic racism within the sector.


“Our new name reflects our dedication to global human progress that is fair, safe and sustainable for all, and highlights our focus on collaboration between diverse stakeholders to make this a reality,” said Nicolas Moyer, CEO of Cooperation Canada. “It embodies our deeply held belief that partnership and solidarity can drive positive progress through collective action.”


Work on the rebrand began in 2017 when the organization applied to be the recipient of creative marketing agency McMillan’s “Betterful” initiative, which selects a non-profit organization and helps it rebrand by offering pro-bono work. After being selected for this program, the Canadian Council for International Cooperation embarked on an extensive consultation and brand development process with the agency.