April 7, 2022 (Ottawa) – As conflict, humanitarian emergencies, COVID-19 and climate change wreak havoc across the globe, Cooperation Canada is encouraged by today’s 2022 federal budget which includes an increase in Canada’s international assistance and a willingness to address barriers to charitable activities in international cooperation. 

This budget demonstrates that the government remains committed to international assistance as an effective way of enhancing health, security, prosperity and human rights around the world. 

“International assistance is a proven tool to support peace, security and equitable and sustainable development,” said Kate Higgins, Cooperation Canada’s CEO. “As the world faces the triple crises of conflict, COVID-19 and climate change, Canadian leadership is vital,” Higgins said. 

The budget sees Canada’s international assistance reach over $8 billion, an increase from $7.6 billion in 2020-21. While no timetable for future spending is provided, it is encouraging that the government is moving forward on its commitments to increase Canada’s international development assistance budget each year in support of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This increase puts us on a path to being in line with our Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) peers.  

Cooperation Canada is thrilled that this budget responds to the repeated calls by the charitable sector to reduce red tape that inhibits charitable activities in Canada and abroad through the government’s support for Bill S-216, The Effective and Accountable Charities Act. Cooperation Canada supports Bill S-216 as proposed. 

“As the world faces multiple crises, we are encouraged by both the increase in Canadian aid and a willingness to make long-awaited reforms to outdated charity legislation that will enable Canadian international development and humanitarian organizations to advance equitable, feminist partnerships around the world,” Higgins adds. 


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Cooperation Canada brings together Canada’s international development and humanitarian organizations and advocates for them by convening sector leaders, influencing policy and building capacity. Together, we work with partners both inside and outside Canada to build a world that’s fair, safe and sustainable for all. 


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