Letter to Ministers Freeland, Sajjan and Champagne Re. the Government of Canada sale of helicopters to the Government of the Philippines

We, Canadian civil society organizations working with human rights organizations and human rights defenders in the Philippines, are writing to express our deep concern regarding the sale of sixteen helicopters to the Philippine Air Force.

Given the numerous human rights violations documented in the Philippines by international human rights organizations, we think there is a serious risk that this equipment will be used by the Armed Forces of the Philippines for unlawful executions.

We welcome the government’s announcement on February 7 that it would review this sale. In the absence of adequate human rights safeguards, the sale should be cancelled.

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Whose rights are we protecting? Public forum on Trade, Investments and Human Rights

June 7, 2016 | Ottawa 


On June 7th, the three CCIC regional working groups organized a public forum on trade and investment agreements and their impact on human rights and the environment.


Sanya Reid-Smith, legal advisor at Third World Network, Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians and the lawyer Steven Shrybman all participated in the debate. The event, which took place in a room filled to capacity, helped to raise awareness about the negative impact of these agreements and to propose alternatives.

The report Whose rights are we protecting? is available in both


This forum was the culmination of the collective work of the Americas Policy Group, the Africa-Canada Forum and the Asia Pacific Working Group.


The regional working groups are inviting the public to get involved by visiting this website: www.canadians.org/TPP.