Africa – Canada Forum


 The Africa-Canada Forum (ACF) is a Working Group of the Canadian Council for International Co-operation.

It brings together NGOs, churches, unions, and solidarity groups from across Canada that have a specific interest in development cooperation and social justice in sub-Saharan Africa.

Its purpose is threefold:

  • to improve the quality and impact of the work of participating groups through reflection and analysis of current programming relationships in Africa;

  • to improve the coordination of policy development and strategies for joint action and advocacy;

  • to engage in dialogue with African counterparts and colleagues.


  • Develop collaborative strategies for policy development, dialogue, and advocacy with the Canadian government and multilateral institutions.
  • Enhance the capacity of members to undertake policy work concerning sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Facilitate the sharing of lessons on programming issues to improve the quality and impact of members’ work, sharing the experiences of participating groups and their African partners.
  • Participate collectively in relevant national and international bodies.
  • Provide advice to the CCIC Policy Team and Board of Directors on Africa-related policy issues and actions.
  • Monitor and share information and produce analysis on development and human rights issues in Africa, in dialogue with African counterparts and colleagues.
  • Provide venues for joint reflection, debate, and for the building of common platforms.



A Coordinating Committee, elected once a year, is responsible for the implementation of the ACF mandate. The Coordinating Committee meets every eight weeks or as needed. Staff from the ACF and CCIC Policy Team are ex-officio members of the Coordinating Committee. The ACF meets as a whole two times a year.


Methodology of Work

Thematic task-groups of the ACF are formed on an ad hoc basis. The ACF will promote the fruitful participation of African colleagues.


Africa Study Group / Groupe de réflexion sur l’Afrique

Aga Khan Foundation Canada

Avocats sans frontières Canada

Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Canadian Jesuits International

Canadian Labour Congress / Congrès du travail du Canada

CARE Canada

CECI: Centre d’étude et de coopération internationale

CELADA – Coalition for Equitable Land Acquisitions and Development in Africa

Centre de coopération internationale en santé développ


Crossroads International/Carrefour International

Development and Peace / Développement et paix

Equitas – International Centre for Human Rights – Education

Farm Radio International / Radios Rurales Internationales

Fédération des travailleurs et travailleuses du Québec

Grandmother’s Advocacy Network

Humanité & Inclusion

Humber College


Inter Pares

Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development 

Jane Goodall Institute of Canada


Leger Foundation / L’œuvre Léger

Nobel Women’s Initiative

Oxfam Canada

Oxfam Québec

Presbytarian World Service and Development

Right to Play

Rooftops Canada / Abri International





United Church of Canada

Veterinarians without Borders

WaterAid Canada

World University Service of Canada / Entraide universitaire mondiale du Canada

World Vision Canada / Vision mondiale Canada


Membership in the ACF is open to all CCIC members. Organisations that are not CCIC members and would like to join have to demonstrate the following characteristics:

A commitment to working for long-term development and social justice in Africa (as distinct from an exclusive focus on humanitarian assistance and emergency relief); An active presence in Africa, working with African civil society organizations, or more indirectly, through international networks and consortia who, in turn, work with African civil society organizations; An involvement in public education and awareness-raising activities in Canada; and An interest in policy formation and advocacy with the Canadian government. A member group that is not a CCIC member needs to reaffirm its wish to belong to the ACF on an annual basis.


Sebastián Vielmas
Regional Working Groups Officer
Canadian Council for International Co-operation
E-mail: [email protected]

Africa – Canada Forum Publications

ACF Annual Report 2018-2019
ACF Annual Report 2018-2019

It has been an amazing year for the Africa-Canada Forum and its members. As such, we are proud to present the ACF 2018-2019 Annual Report highlighting the work of its 42 members. It includes the group’s main activities, list of members and financial report.

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GAC and CCIC-ACF Dialogue 2017: Report on Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa

On October 12, 2017, the Africa-Canada Forum (ACF) and Global Affairs Canada (GAC) organized a half-day dialogue meeting in Ottawa on the Feminist International Assistance Policy. This event was part of a series of dialogue meetings between the two groups that began in December 2015. The main goal of these exchanges is to create a space where ACF and GAC can discuss and collaborate on issues related to Africa, leveraging expertise on both sides.

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