Working Groups


At Cooperation Canada, Working Groups (WGs) bring together NGOs, faith-based organizations, labour unions, diaspora groups, solidarity groups, think tanks, and research centres from across Canada that have a specific interest in development, social justice, and human rights in Asia-Pacific and Africa.

Working on common themes or a regional issue, the WGs develop collaborative strategies for policy development, dialogue, and advocacy within the Canadian government and multilateral institutions. The WGs are a unique space for collaborative reflection, coordinated policy positions, learning, and analysis, with input from regional partners.

Membership is open to organizations with a policy or programme interest in Asia-Pacific and Africa. Organizations become members upon approval by the working group members. Most participants are also Cooperation Canada members.

Working Group Guidelines


These Guidelines are considered an “evergreen” document, subject to ongoing changes based on member feedback and evolving practice for Cooperation Canada Woking Groups.

For more information, please contact:


Ariane Kamdoum       Community Engagement Coordinator

[email protected]