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Bigger Than Our Borders – a campaign that calls on the Canadian government to ​​invest in issues like human rights, democracy and climate change mitigation – is launching a social media campaign to raise awareness about Canada’s role in addressing global issues.

Are you a content creator or influencer? We’ve got a robust budget for compelling content, and we want to hear how you would create content that inspires Canadians to advocate for increased foreign aid and a more active role for Canada on the world stage.


Campaign Goals:

  • Increase public awareness about critical global issues, including women’s rights, girls’ education, nutrition, climate change, and human rights.
  • Encourage Canadians to advocate that the Canadian government do more on the global stage, especially with the G7 Leaders Summit coming to Canada in 2025.
  • Generate social media engagement and positive sentiment towards Canada’s role in the world, especially around global development.


Target Audience:

  • Canadians aged 18-45 interested in social justice and global affairs.
  • Users of popular social media platforms (e.g., Instagram, TikTok, X, YouTube).



  • If you’ve got the reach, we’ve got the budget. We’ll remunerate influencers and creators based on their proposals and potential for reach/viewership.


Content Requirements:

  • We’re open to creative ideas across various formats, such as videos (short and long form: explainers/short reels, streeters), infographics, static social media posts.
  • Content should be informative and engaging, with a clear call to action for viewers.
  • All content should align with our overall message that Canadians want their government to play a stronger global leadership role to address complex world issues.
  • Content must be original (e.g. not a “Duet” on TikTok).
  • Content can be done in English or French or be bilingual.


Project Timeline:

  • Proposal deadline: August 30th, 2024
  • Campaign launch with content: Late September 2024 until May 2025
  • Please submit your proposal to [email protected].


Your proposal should include:

  • A brief overview of your experience, what your platform(s) focus on, and expertise in social justice and global affairs, if applicable.
  • Content ideas for the campaign, including formats, platform(s), and messaging.
  • Audience demographics & engagement metrics, incl. follower count for your channels.
  • A proposed timeline for content creation and delivery.


Selection Criteria:

Relevance / Experience (30%):

  • Strong track record of creating engaging social media content.
  • Proven experience reaching the target audience (Canadians 18-45).
  • Ability to create material that aligns with our campaign goals.


Impact / Vision (30%):

  • Explain how topics are relevant to current events
  • Make Canadians care about content produced.
  • Include a call to action that’s adapted to today’s political landscape


Budget & Feasibility (30%):

  • Provide a breakdown of the budget with a clear timeline.


Inclusive & Environmental considerations (10%): See below.


*** Bigger Than Our Borders is hosted by Cooperation Canada and subject to the organization’s procurement policy. Cooperation Canada is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism.

Our procurement processes include providing equitable opportunities for vendors of all sizes and backgrounds, including Black, Indigenous, and people of colour (BIPOC)-owned vendors, to be successful in a procurement process. We recognize that including inclusive procurement considerations can help reduce unnecessary barriers for diverse vendors when bidding on opportunities. Inclusion, environmental considerations, and fair labour practices will inform the selection process. Proposals should provide an indication of how these elements are addressed.


Additional Information:

  • A selection committee will review all proposals and notify successful applicants.
  • We encourage applicants to contact us with any questions before the deadline with the goal to get more information on this initiative and strengthen their applications.

To apply for this job email your details to coordinator@biggerthanourborders.ca