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We’re looking for

  • Someone with exceptional organizational skills and a keen attention to detail, ensuring smooth functioning of the CEO’s Office and coordination of Board of Directors’ activities.
  • A self-driven and proactive individual capable of working autonomously to support effective leadership, governance, and management.
  • A strong communicator who can facilitate engagement with internal and external stakeholders, supporting organizational planning and successful execution of meetings and events.


Compensation and benefits

  • Full-time hours (35 hrs/week), non-unionized
  • $58,000-$65,000 annually
  • 5 weeks of vacation annually and generous benefits
  • Flexible and supportive workplace


Download the full job description here.

Applications are accepted at THIS LINK on an ongoing basis with the final submission deadline of June 9th, 2024 at 11:59PM.


Who are we?

We are Canada’s national association of international cooperation and humanitarian organizations. Cooperation Canada brings together and advocates for Canada’s international development and humanitarian organizations and works with partners in Canada and around the global towards a build a world that’s fair, safe and sustainable for all. Learn more.


Who is the Executive Assistant?

The Executive Assistant, reporting to the CEO and closely collaborating with the COO, plays a vital role in providing comprehensive support to both executives and the Board of Directors. With a proactive approach, they ensure effective leadership and management by seamlessly managing the CEO’s office, facilitating board engagement, and coordinating with internal and external stakeholders. Their strong communication skills and attention to detail are evident in their ability to support organizational planning and execute various meetings and events, contributing significantly to the organization’s success.


What will we be looking for in our candidates?

The Executive Assistant is a pivotal role for the organization, blending exceptional organizational acumen with meticulous attention to detail to ensure the seamless functioning of the CEO’s Office and the coordination of Board of Directors’ activities. This role demands a self-driven and proactive individual, proficient in working autonomously to fortify effective leadership, governance, and management throughout the organization. Moreover, adept communication skills are imperative, as the Executive Assistant serves as a conduit for engagement between internal stakeholders and external counterparts, facilitating organizational planning endeavors and meticulously orchestrating the successful execution of meetings and events. This position represents a critical blend of administrative competence and interpersonal skills, serving as a fundamental pillar of operational excellence within the company’s structure.


Ideally, our candidates will have:

  • Functional ability in English and French.
  • Knowledge: At least one year of relevant governance experience, matched with some post-secondary education in relevant field(s), or equivalent experience.
  • Communication: Strong interpersonal skills with a commitment to diversity and equity.
  • Organization: Excellent time management and attention to detail.
  • Initiative: Demonstrated ability to work independently within guidelines.
  • Judgment: Exercises tact and discretion with confidential information.
  • Technical Skills: Proficient in administrative tasks and technology, including various software applications.


The below table may be a little intimidating, but it outlines in more detail the tasks you can expect to carry out and the competencies associated with them!

Key Responsibilities Competencies 
Executive Support – 40%

  • Managing CEO and COO schedules and administrative Support
  • Research and information synthesis
  • Facilitating and documenting management team meetings
  • Budget monitoring and expense processing
  • Strong organizational, attention to detail and time management skills
  • Proficiency in technology, specifically calendar and database management
  • Confidentiality and professionalism
  • Strong analytical and research skills
  • Meeting facilitation and documentation skills
  • Strong written communication skills
Governance and Board Liaison – 40%

  • Coordinating board meetings, events, and travel arrangements
  • Maintaining administrative records and contact information
  • Organizing meetings, setting agendas, and taking minutes
  • Organize the Annual General Meeting
  • Strong organizational, attention to detail and time management skills
  • Confidentiality and professionalism
  • Proficiency in event coordination
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Administrative and record-keeping proficiency
Organizational support and office management – 20%

  • Coordinating logistics for meetings and events
  • Ensuring completeness and accuracy of information for website and publications
  • Organizing and maintaining office space and supplies
  • Managing office reception and responding to inquiries
  • Promotes an organizational culture aligned with anti-racism, equity, diversity, inclusion and justice
  • Strong administrative support and information management skills
  • Event coordination and logistics management
  • Inventory management and office organization
  • Professional communication and reception skills
  • Commitment to promoting organizational values and culture


If you want a more detailed breakdown of your responsibilities, you can find more information here.

Applications are accepted at THIS LINK on an ongoing basis with the final submission deadline of June 9th, 2024 at 11:59PM.


Interested? What you need to know about how we recruit:

While timelines can shift, our goal is to have the position filled by the end of June 2024, if not earlier. We will keep you updated on our timelines throughout the recruitment process.

Your application will need to demonstrate the competencies for this role to move on in recruitment.

1. Apply!

Provide your application through BambooHR. This is the platform we use to manage people and culture from recruitment to onboarding and employee experiences.

We want this process to be as accessible as possible. On BambooHR, you will find a request for a short submission to show us your skills! This could be a video clip, an example from your portfolio, an illustration and/or your CV – anything you feel will help us
understand how you would be a great fit for this role and our team. You will have the option to upload multiple documents or inputs for your application. Please feel free to share an example from your work or portfolio of work. This can be a link to a project, website,
article, etc.

You will also be asked some pre-screening questions, including your motivation to work for us, and confirmation of your eligibility to work in Canada.


2. Pre-screening call:

We start with a 10-15-minute conversation with selected candidates – essentially a chance for us to ask any questions we are unsure about from your application and for you to ask us any questions you have! We believe strongly that recruitment is a reciprocal process, and it is important that you have a chance to raise any questions you may have before continuing in the process.


3. Role-related exercise:

We know that one of the best ways for you to show us your skills is through an opportunity to demonstrate them. Up to six candidates will be asked to participate in a role-related exercise. This exercise will take no more than 2 hours to complete, and you will have 24 hours to complete the exercise. You can expect it to include two or three small tasks similar to what you would be expected to do in your role. You may be asked to provide links or documentation of previous work you have completed.


4. Interview:

After we review the role-related exercise through an identity-hidden review, we will invite 3 to 4 candidates to an interview, no earlier than the week of June 17th. Here is what you can expect:

  •  A 60-75 minute in-person interview with questions sent in advance;
  • A portion of the interview is dedicated to your question for us; it is as important that we are a good fit for you as you are for us!


5. References:

Following the interviews, we will request and check your references.


6. Selection:

If you are successful, you can expect a call from us to share our offer to join our team and confirm your start date, followed by a contract sent via email.


You will be compensated for your time in the written exercises (2 hours) and interview (1 hour) (up to 3 hours).

Cooperation Canada is committed to an inclusive, diverse, and safe workplace and to advancing anti-racism in all that we do. This includes removing barriers to employment that are faced by equity-seeking groups, including through self-identification, anonymous review processes and by ensuring diverse hiring panels. Applications are encouraged from all candidates, particularly those who identify as Black, Indigenous, and other racialized communities, persons with disabilities (visible or not), people of diverse gender identities and expressions, and other marginalized groups in our sector who share Cooperation Canada’s mission. We kindly encourage (but do not require) members of these groups to self-identify in their cover letters. We are happy to provide accommodations at any stage throughout the hiring process.

To apply for this job please visit