NextGen Symposium


The NextGen Symposium is organized jointly by the  Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID)   and the  Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC) as part of the Next Generation program: Collaboration for Development.

This final event of the Next Generation for Development Program will be an opportunity to share learnings from the program and to work on a new research agenda. By opening the space for shared principles, guidelines, and tools on the second day, the Symposium looks to strengthen the ecosystem of research and knowledge-sharing across the range of Canadian development actors in academic and non-academic circles.

Day 1 Objectives


  • Unpack the Canadian political economy of new knowledge partnerships;
  • Examine incentives for universities and grant makers to support non-academic research outputs;
  • Learn from transnational experiences of research collaborations and policy contexts;
  • Identify avenues to build from successful scholar-practitioner models of collaboration in research approaches, methodologies, analysis and dissemination.

Day 2 Objectives


  • Learn from examples of research collaborations and their key outcomes;
  • Learn about and demo tools for effective partnership;
  • Delineate shared principles and guidelines for effective policies and practices in research collaborations;
  • Identify new research areas and next steps for the NextGen Program (by invitation).