The Indo-Pacific Strategy (hereafter the lPS or the Strategy), launched in November 2022, presents a comprehensive and integrated approach to expand Canada’s presence and strengthen partnerships in the Indo-Pacific region to effectively protect and promote Canadian interests. Given the rise of the Indo-Pacific region, and the profound impacts of the region on the lives of all Canadians, the Government of Canada recognized the need for a comprehensive, whole-of-society strategy to guide Canada’s actions in this important region. The Strategy outlines five interconnected strategic objectives:

  1. Promote peace, resilience and security
  2. Expand trade, investment and supply chain resilience
  3. Invest in and connect people
  4. Build a sustainable and green future
  5. Canada as an active and engaged partner to the Indo-Pacific


To achieve the third IPS objective of investing in and connecting people, Global Affairs Canada (GAC) collaborated with Cooperation Canada, an important convener of and voice for Canadian civil society organizations (CSOs) active in international cooperation, to organize a public consultation on the implementation of the IPS.

This report provides a synthesis of ‘what was heard’ through the consultation held on January 15, 2024, which brought together nearly 225 participants in Ottawa (80 participants) and online (124 participants) from the development, philanthropic, business, government, and diplomatic sectors.  The report seeks to reflect what was shared and discussed through the consultation.  It does not reflect official positions or recommendations of Cooperation Canada.