Hosted by Nicolas Moyer – President/CEO of Cooperation Canada


A platform for cutting-edge thinking and debate about global issues and international cooperation. Whether you’re a social sciences major, a journalist in pursuit of answers, a program officer brainstorming on that next project, or the CEO of a non-profit, this is your source for all things international cooperation.

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The Global Humanitarian System

Hosted by Nicolas Moyer, CCIC
Featuring Paul Knox-Clarke, Head of Research: ALNAP (Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance) based out of the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) in the UK.
Nicolas Moyer and Paul Knox-Clarke discuss Canada’s role in the humanitarian system and the importance of localization in humanitarian assistance.

Innovation: More than a Buzzword

Hosted by Nicolas Moyer, CCIC
Featuring Alex Sardar, CIVICUS; Jes Tomlin, MATCH International Women’s Fund; and Teina Petropoulos, World Vision Canada
Is the practice of innovation an essential way forward for international development and humanitarian organizations? How do we test out radical ideas when there is so much at stake? And what does ‘innovation’ actually mean?