June 17, 2021 – Ottawa – During last weekend’s G7 Summit, Canada committed $5.3 billion over five years in new funding for international climate finance, doubling Canada’s earlier commitments. This is a welcome announcement that recognizes the urgent action needed to address the climate crisis and biodiversity loss that has disproportionately affected the poorest and most vulnerable across the globe. These much-needed funds will help vulnerable countries and their communities adapt to the climate crisis even as they continue the fight against COVID-19.  


This pandemic has reminded us that our world is more interconnected than ever. We will not stop COVID-19 unless we work together as a global community, and the health of our planet will continue to decline until all G7 leaders step up. By making its largest-ever multi-year climate pledge, the Government is giving real hope to vulnerable communities in low- and middle-income countries that are most affected by climate change. 


This commitment will go a long way to help small-scale farmers, the majority of whom are women, adapt to climate change and ensure stable food supplies – a vital step towards building community resiliency and defining the kind of recovery we want to see for our global community.   


“Among the important announcements Canada made during the G7 Summit, the doubling of international climate finance stands out for its importance and long-term impact in addressing the global climate crisis,” said Nicolas Moyer, CEO of Cooperation Canada. “This commitment is sure to play a significant role in the fight against the crisis. We applaud the Government in their decision to seriously address this important issue in the midst of many other concurrent priorities.” 


There is more hard work ahead, but ambitious planning and leadership will keep Canada on the right track to creating the world we want to recover to. Cooperation Canada looks forward to working closing with the Government on the implementation and delivery of this important commitment. 



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