CCIC has recently provided feedback on two significant consultations on Canadian charitable sector policy. CCIC made a submission to a recent Senate study on the charitable sector 

One key element of this submission was reiterating the sector’s longstanding request for enhanced clarity around “public policy dialogue and development” by charities. Such activities were previously largely prohibited by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), but these restrictions were lifted in the Budget Implementation Act of Fall 2018 

This change followed advocacy by charitable organizations and platforms, including CCIC’s testimony to the House of Commons Finance Committee during pre-budget consultations, as well as judicial review and the recommendations of an independent panel of experts. 

The Canada Revenue Agency has since issued a draft guidance, which CCIC welcomes for the step forward it represents in terms of lifting the previous vague but restrictive rules. In our submission to the Senate and in a subsequent submission to the CRA, CCIC noted outstanding concerns that should be improved in the final guidance and called for continued dialogue with Canadian charities.  

CCIC also commented on issues related to the CRA’s direction and control requirements and federal anti-terror legislation, which are the subject of ongoing research by CCIC.