CCIC Member Organization Policies

Policy documents from member organizations of the CCIC Steering Committee to Address and Prevent Sexual Misconduct. These policy documents should be regarded as guidance documents only as practices and policies are likely to evolve as standards and knowledge improve.





Une introduction aux violences sexuelles dans le secteur de la coopération internationale

Meilleures pratiques pour la prévention et le signalement sur les violences sexuelles

Les pratiques exemplaires de formation sur les violences sexuelles

Aide-mémoire sur les violences sexuelles dans le secteur de la coopération internationale

CARE International Policy on Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse and Child Protection




PSEA-CP consultant sign off


Briefing Note: National-level Coordination of PSEA Activities


Prevention of Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Policy and Program


Directive sur les droits de la personne


Sexual assault and sexual violence policy


Respect in the workplace policy 

Child Protection Policy (2018)


Complaints NHNV Flow Chart


OC No Harassment No Violence Policy


Whistleblower Protection Policy


PWRDF letter to partners


Save the Children Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse policy


Final Partnership Management Policy – Child and Adult Safeguarding (Aug 2018)